The Game of Patches

Embroidered medallions originated in the ancient times. These were made and distributed to the masses to mark events like the coronation of royalties. In Great Britain, these were popularly used as embellishments and accessories just like jewels made from precious stones, metal or ceramic.

In the 19th century embroidered badges became popular for a different use. Here are some interesting ways patches have been used.Patches

Military Uniforms

During the civil war, in the absence of distinctive uniforms, patches were used to show which battalion a soldier was a part of. These helped opposing sides to identify who was friend or foe.

At the end of the Second World War, these became quite popular as returning soldiers gave their patches to their wives or girlfriends as a token of their affection.

In today’s military, these badges are still often used. An enlisted personnel’s rank is shown on embroideries attached to the sleeves of uniforms. This prevents any confusion and keeps order among the service men.


Tourism has been helped quite a lot by these embroidered designs. Popular hiking and tourist spots have these available as souvenirs that can be attached to one’s clothing or bags. There are also items sold that already have the patches sewn on. These make excellent souvenirs to be kept or brought back to friends and family.

Corporate Branding

Whether it’s for employee uniforms or promotional purposes, companies are choosing designing shirts with embroidered designs rather than silk screen printed ones. The former creates a more classic and elegant look, not to mention that they are more durable. Stitched logos and names last longer than ones that are simply imprinted.

Membership Badges

Different organizations and groups now use patches as recognition awards or milestone markers. These can be mounted or attached to clothing depending on how one would like to display them.

You can have customized patches made for your company. These are now low cost to produce and can be made to your specifications. Ordering embroideries is now quick and simple with a lot of custom options available.


You are in complete control of the design you need. If you already have an existing patch or image that you want to use, simply send us a picture and it will be used to create your order.

If you want to start from scratch, designing is a breeze. All you need to do is contact our customer service line and an artist will work with you to create what you need. You will be part of the whole design process, having the last say on what the embroidery will look like. What’s better is that there is no charge or fee for the artist services!

Embroidery Types

Once you have the design, you can also choose whether you want the entire badge to be embroidered. You can opt to have the twill backing shown or covered with immaculately done stitches.

Sizing Options

You certainly can decide what size the end product will come in. There is a measurement guide available on the website so you can accurately picture how small or big it will be. This is important especially if you will be attaching it to a specific item such as a shirt or bag.

Patch Backing Options

Because these embroideries are used for various purposes, it is only fitting that there be different backing and attaching options available.

Iron on Backing – A quick and easy way to attach the design onto where it’s needed. All you need is an iron and a damp cloth and it’s done.

Velcro – For embroidered designs that need to be attached and removed quickly, this option is the obvious choice.

Tape Backing – This is a less permanent option that is easy to remove once the design is no longer necessary.

Button Loop – This option does not need any sewing, ironing or sticking as it is designed to hang from a button or pin.

Plastic Backing – This gives your design a sturdier support so that it doesn’t easily lose its shape. This is often used with the iron on option.


Your unique design also comes with your choice of border designs. You can pick the classic Marrow border or opt for a more detailed hot cut edge.


The embroidery we create for you comes with seven thread colours free of charge. However, for a minimum addition charge, you can have a more vibrant design with extra colours. You can also increase the impact of the embroidery to make it stand out more with metallic thread highlights.

Start creating your masterpiece so your company and organization can start enjoying the benefits these works of arts bring. Visit our website for a free quote and more information.

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by Daniel Vaughan