The Essential Motivational Speaker

Any type of convention, professional gathering or academic conferences or commencement exercises always includes a speaker in the program that would inspire listeners and would spur them into action. The speaker doesn’t have to necessarily be a technical expert in the field that the gathering is about, although a special connection to that field is necessary. Motivational speakers, as they are called, are usually invited to speak during the part of the program entitled ‘keynote speech’ or ‘special message.’

We believe that a motivational speaker is not actually a job category. An individual who is invited to be a motivational speaker is usually someone who is successful in his or her chosen field, someone who has an inspiring story to tell, and an exemplary individual who is worth emulating.

Being invited as a motivational speaker is more than swanky hotels, traveling around the world, and being applauded by a roomful of people. It is not supposed to be a full-time profession, although there are some people who are invited to speak so often than it is already part of their regular work schedule. The common misconception is that motivational speakers live extraordinarily or are larger than life. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Some of the most effective speakers live fairly ordinary lives outside their engagements. That is part of their magic and appeal – they can weave extraordinary ideas and insights out of everyday existence and share them with their audience.

motivationMotivational speakers are usually industry gurus or educational experts who have something to teach or to say that would be beneficial to a specific group of people. There is a false notion that motivational speakers should spend a considerable amount of time amassing life experiences and expertise in the field. Speakers do not have to be old and wizened individuals, although many great speakers have a vast wealth of experience and wisdom to share. Click for professional speaker.

There is an emerging group of young and dynamic speakers who also invited to speak to groups of people. This crop of young speakers, just barely out of college and getting speaking engagements left and right, a successful because of their relevance. They have gained enough knowledge and experience, not in number of years, but in quality, that qualify them to speak before an audience. And the audience listens to them.

Gone are the days when an audience will ignore someone who is younger than them. If they have something helpful to say, then people will listen.

Let us remind you of one thing – along with expertise and relative experience,the main goal of motivational speakers is to inspire. A great motivational speech is always anchored on a genuine desire to inspire. It could be done through a story of achievement or perseverance. As long as it is done in earnest, it will inspire and touch lives. A speaker who is shallow or whose goal is just to get a speech over and done with will not be effective. Even if it is “just a speech”, a speaker who cares knows that words are powerful. Wars have started and ended with the spoken word. This is the reason why motivational speeches should both be targeted at the heart and the mind. People should be informed, but more than that, they should also be enthused, moved and encouraged. Being invited to speak in front of other people is a privilege, and should be seen as such. That is the reason why motivational speeches should not be taken lightly.

Why are motivational speakers essential? Are motivational speakers really necessary? Is there anything that they can say that in-house speakers cannot?

The answers to these questions are a resounding yes. Gatherings where speakers are invited are usually special occasions. Any gathering – conventions, commencements, industry meeting or conferences always need a motivational speaker. It is essential for these gatherings to feed the minds of their audience, and to also feed the heart. It can get impersonal when there is a big audience, but a good speaker has that rare ability to make it seem like he or she is talking to only one person. Since these are special occasions, the audience is ready to listen and will more likely listen. The fact that an outside speaker is invited tells the audience that this occasion is important and special, and therefore worth my time and attention.

When an outside speaker motivates the audience, it will not seem like they are there to preach or to tell the audience negative things about themselves or about the institution or organization. Since they are a third party, they will more likely have no idea what a specific situation is. However, a motivational speaker will make it appear like he or she understands with their choice of words. We believe that this kind of impersonal but personal dynamic is effective and creates a huge impact on an audience.

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