Golf Putters: Things To Consider In Buying A Putter

Golf putters come in a variety of shapes, sizes, lengths, weights, and lie angles. All these aspects affect your stroke so it is important that you buy the right putter for your needs.

If you’re shopping for a golf putter but unsure as to how to choose, we have come up with this list of “factors to consider” to help you out. We carry all styles of putters so simply let us know your specifications and we’ll deliver.

1. Length

Golf PuttersLength is perhaps the most essential component of a golf putter. You will want to get into a proper address position so the length of the putter must be perfect. When preparing for a shot, your eyes should be over the golf ball, your hands comfortable under your shoulders and your elbows should be able to bend easily while touching your ribcage. The right putter length must be able to accommodate this set-up. Grip a putter of standard length and if you find yourself gripping down the golf shaft, then you’ll need a shorter golf putter. But if you’re gripping beyond the putter end, it’s a longer putter you’ll need. You can say that the putter has the correct length if the shaft is aligned with your forearms—not way above or below.

2. Weight

If you find your putter to be too long, cutting the shaft is not the way to go. The length of a putter is designed to match its swing weight. If you cut the putter short, its swing weight will also go down and the putter will become too light. The lengths of golf putters have their own corresponding weights. The standard 35-inch putter often weighs 330 grams. So a 34-inch putter should have a head weight of about 350-360 grams. If you need an even shorter putter, say 32 to 33 inches, look for a putter that has a head weight of 370-380 grams.

3. Balance Point

There are two basic types of putter heads: face-balanced and toe-balanced. Choose a face-balanced putter if you want the face of the putter to be square to the target (square-to-square putting method). But if you prefer a putter face that opens and closes in relation to the target (arc stroke), then choose a top-balanced putter instead.

4. Head Design

Taylormade golfOur golf putters come in two head designs: the mallet head and the blade head. Your choice really depends on your preference. The blade head putter is the most traditional style of putter. It uses a small head and looks relatively flat and simple. Blade head putters tend to be face-balanced so if you use the straight putting method, these putters can be a good fit.

On the other hand, the mallet head putter has a larger head. Many manufacturers incorporate different alignment aids on the back of a mallet putter’s head to help golfers with their putts. Similarly, mallet putters tend to be face-balanced so they also suit a player with a straight stroke.

5. Long Putters and Belly Putters

Long putters and belly putters are both longer than a standard putter. Long putters range from 46-50 inches or up, while belly putters are 40-45 inches long. These putters are anchored to your chest or stomach which makes them more stable when you stroke. So if you have tremors, you can benefit from either of these putters. But as with all golf putters, proper weight and length must be observed. Use the same procedure to find the right putter length then simply add the inches needed for the putter to reach your chest or stomach. A belly putter is best used if you’re an arc putter because the putter will tend to go round your body. If you practice a square-to-square stroke, a long putter may serve you better since it has a more upright shaft.

When choosing a golf putter, there are more factors to consider that just the price, appearance, manufacturer or which famous golf player plays with it. You may consult a PGA professional who has the right tools and expertise so that you can get your hands on the right putter that makes the best putting strokes possible.

For similar concerns, you may also contact us and we’ll be pleased to assist you in finding the golf putter that perfectly suits you. We offer golf putters of different styles, lengths, shapes and sizes and our prices are unbeatable. Let us know how we may help you by giving us a call today. We’re glad to be at your service!

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