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The Lowdown on “White Label” Content and Search Engine Optimization

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It’s not surprising that the biggest brands, especially those from Fortune 500 companies, are investing heavily in SEO and digital marketing in general. We’re talking about multiple agencies and companies working on different projects and marketing efforts for titan brands.


Collectively the services offered by these agencies like SEOExplode Inc (especially when pertaining to content production) are called “white label SEO” or “white label content.”


The term is actually just a fancy way of saying that these companies produce different kinds of creative output and the company buying the content puts them up under their own name. The ongoing partnership between buyers and sellers of content and creative efforts is called “white label partnership.”


A huge chunk of SEO companies’ bottom-line come from these types of partnerships, and it’s not really a huge innovation from the get-go because ad companies for instance, have been providing ad copy for instance to countless brands so they can advertising in print.


Fortune 500 companies continue to invest in white label content because they save money and there’s a continuous stream, so there’s no chance of running out of promotions, or material to keep the market engaged.


White label partnerships are generally positive, especially in the world of search engine optimization, when content is all you really have and Google is scrutinizing basically everything that you post on your website.


If you are a new business going online, the one piece of advice that we can give you is to find the right partner, because you wouldn’t want to waste any effort or budget on the wrong agency, whatever promotion you’re trying to do.


There are hundreds of small and medium-sized agencies in the market today, from different countries, and they all offer different perks (and disadvantages, let’s not forget that) but on the whole, they can help business immensely.


The Advantages


  1. You’re Hiring an Agency

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Hiring an agency means you’re not going to be talking to twenty or thirty different people running across two or three departments. That’s the agency’s problem – managing people, and getting them to produce the content that’s needed.


Hiring agencies to do vital work is essential – it’s called “minimal services.” Hiring top talent to do SEO, content, social media management, and developing your website/s means you will not be losing sleep over the expenses. Agencies who know how to keep up with the times tend to refine what they do – they become specialists, and they don’t try to do everything.


The world of SEO and digital marketing is as wide as you can imagine, and only a few mavericks in the industry are able to master all of them. Often, white label partnerships (the most successful ones) occur between businesses and highly specialized agencies who are passionate about doing one or two specific functions within a given market.


For example, there are SEO companies that focus on building up smaller businesses like dentistry practices. These agencies know how to run local campaigns to get their clients bookmarked by potential customers. Their scope is smaller if you think about it, but the work that they do is so vital for the small businesses who rely on these agencies in the first place.


Some agencies also engage in white label partnerships with other agencies of a similar nature. For example, a worthy agency that specializes in ad copy and PPC may not be able to produce videos en masse for customers who need them.


The solution? They hire other agencies that are just as trustworthy and experienced as them in the field. This emphasizes another strong point about white label partnerships: they allow you to tap into the specialization of another business even when you only need work on a few crucial elements.


  1. You Have Access to Genuine Expertise


Obviously, plenty of businesses have tried to ‘wing it’ in the past few decades with SEO and content. They try to refresh their pages with content they write on their own, and they try to do PPC and SEO without asking someone who has done it before.


Choosing the right white label partnership may mean that you no longer have to worry about learning too deeply about a given aspect of SEO or PPC precisely because you are accessing the talent pool and expertise of that business.


Trust us, it’s quite possible that you are wasting valuable time and resources with too much experimentation, especially when you’re spending on things like PPC. When choosing an agency for content, try to partner with one that has several writers on board.


The reason for this is quite simple: if an agency only has one or two writers, these writers will eb generating content for different niches and companies. In addition to the strain of deadlines, writers can write really well about some topics, but not all. Simply put, your content needs need to be matched with the right writer to get the best results.


  1. Content Delivered On Time

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Generally speaking, white label partnerships produce content and other creative output on time, most of the time, and missed deadlines occur less frequently compared to an in-house creative team.


Again, we go back to the fact that these agencies are creating content day in and day out. It’s their bread and butter. Compare this to an in-house team that’s probably limited in scope and experience, and you will see the picture. There is just no substitute for expertise.


You will be basically creating an assembly line of experts by hiring different agencies who offer different skills.


For example, if your SEO company doesn’t have an in-house copywriter, you can hire a content production agency, so the content production agency will work with instructions from the SEO agency so that the content they produce will be optimized.


  1. Access to Specialized Technology

SEO software

Different agencies use different types of software to get the job done. They pay for these software and spend time learning them and training their staff to use the software.


Outsourcing processes that require these software means you won’t have to purchase the software yourself. Then there will be no need to train any of your staff to use the software mainly because the partner agency is doing all the work related to the use of these specialized technology.


Consider SEO tools like analyzers, heat maps, and the like. Combined, these software will cost thousands of dollars – and no one is even using them yet. Using them productively means you will have to hire someone in-house who knows how to use the software – and there is still the matter of applying the software to meet your business’ needs.


The journey from point A to point B is tedious to be honest, because having and using technology are two different things. Each step incurs expenses, and when it comes to technical audit and applying them to measure the effectiveness of campaigns across different platforms, you won’t get desirable results unless you are working with people with expertise already.


Otherwise, everyone in the team will be on the same square one. Obviously, you will be able to focus on your brand more with this type of setup, which should tell you how valuable (really) white label partnerships, are.

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